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4 Oct

So I moved back in with my parents on Sunday.

boomerang kid: noun Informal. a young adult who returns to live with parents after a period of living away from home.

One of the groups that has suffered the most from the recession is recent college graduates who have had a difficult time finding jobs, resulting in unemployment of almost 15% for adults between 20 and 24 years of age. This has forced many¬† to move back in with their parents post graduation while they try to find a job. According to a CNN article last year, 85% of college seniors were planning on doing just that. These young adults returning to their parents’ home after 4 years in college have been dubbed boomerang kids.

Thankfully, that’s not quite my situation.

I beat the odds, got a good job after graduation, and moved into my own awesome apartment (except when my car is getting broken into) . However, I’m working at my company’s digital print facility for the next three months, which is unfortunately about an hour and twenty minutes drive from my place in Durham. That’s just not something I can do twice a day especially with the long hours I’ll be putting in. Lucky for me, my parents only live about 40 minutes away. So on Sunday I packed up everything I thought I would need for the next three months and headed home to Winston-Salem.

While I’m thankful that my parents have opened their home to me and allowed me to stay with them, thus simplifying my life for a little while, it’s still a weird situation. I have a big girl job, an apartment, bills, basically an entire independent adult life, yet I’m currently sleeping in the grandbaby room with toys strewn everywhere (my niece and nephew were here Sunday night) and I have to tiptoe around after 10 pm to not wake my dad up. I miss the home I’ve been creating for myself in Durham.

So to cheer myself up, I have decided to compile a list of all the good things that come from living at home right now:

  1. Shorter commute! Sure, it’s still about almost an hour and half total drive time each day, but that’s better than three.
  2. Home cooked meals waiting for me when I get home from work courtesy of my mother. That translate to yummy leftovers to take in for lunch the next day.
  3. I get to play with my dogs! Anyone who has met Cliffy will understand.
  4. I’ll get to see my niece and nephew a lot more often (Maybe I should have put this above the one about the dogs).
  5. DISHWASHER! I hugged the dishwasher in my mom’s kitchen when I saw it. That’s what living without one does to you.
  6. I’m hopefully going to save a bit of money. I still have to pay rent on my apartment, but my utilities should be pretty low and I won’t be spending much on food.
  7. I get to drive my dad’s Jeep to work while my car is in the shop! I was meant to drive a Jeep.
  8. I don’t have to stress about keeping anything clean beyond the room I’m staying in and my bathroom.
  9. Having cable TV and being able to watch HGTV (House Hunters is my guilty pleasure) and the Travel Channel.
  10. My mom offering to do my laundry. I could get use to that again.

I have a feeling I’m going to end up really enjoying my time at home, but I also know that the next three months are going to fly by with the craziness that will be my job. Let’s just hope my apartment doesn’t get broken into while I’m gone.